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Pollution Levels and Speeding Motorists along Cinder Bank Netherton. Dudley.
Petition has closed and a response from the council has been published.

We would like the Council to look into the Volume of Traffic that travels along this stretch of road from early morning to late evenings causing Traffic to be stationery outside the houses on this road. This amount of Traffic causes Pollution levels to rise dramatically and it is causing health issues with the people along this stretch of road. The volume of the traffic has increased three fold since the Council altered the road junctions of Northfield Road, Halesowen Road, and Crossley Street in Netherton. 

We would like you to support our Petition and see if we can get the Council to reconsider their decision, and revert the roads back as they were before. 

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Wednesday, 11 October 2017
Monday, 11 December 2017
Michael Haddock
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Mark Haddock
Michael Haddock - Petitioner
This petition has been reviewed and the following response has been offered:
This petition did not receive enough signatures to warrant an official response from the council.
12/12/2017 02:12(System Event)Petition closed (Response Threshold not met, signatories and responder(s) emailed)Response Published
19/10/2017 08:29Unregistered UserPetition Signed: Mark HaddockPetition Active
19/10/2017 08:28Unregistered UserPetition Signed: DEIRDRE HaddockPetition Active
10/10/2017 08:21 Manjit Johal Petition Signed - Michael Haddock - PetitionerAwaiting Opening Date
10/10/2017 08:21 Manjit Johal Approver Allocated: manjit johal Awaiting Opening Date
10/10/2017 08:07 Manjit Johal Responder Allocated: manjit johal Awaiting Approver Allocation
10/10/2017 08:07 Manjit Johal Petition ApprovedAwaiting Responder Allocation
09/10/2017 18:18 Michael Haddock Petition Submitted: Pollution Levels and Speeding Motorists along Cinder Bank Netherton. Dudley. Pending Approval

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