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An ePetition is a petition which collects signatures online. This allows petitions and supporting information to be made available to a potentially much wider audience than a traditional paper based petition.
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ViewPrioritising Pedestrian Safety in the Colley Gate, Colley Lane* area of Cradley 6031 Dec 2017Active
ViewRespect for Ryan campaign - Keep Chicago's closed until after Ryan's funeral41731 Oct 2017Active
ViewUrgent Review of Caledonia Estate Road Safety (Inc surrounding areas)4525 Sep 2017Active
ViewHistoric Old Quarter Victorian Terraces Under Threat104 Sep 2017Closed
ViewLister Road Depot29431 Aug 2017Closed
ViewStop cuts to school crossing patrols4228 Feb 2017Closed
ViewStop the closure of the Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge leisure centres.150726 Feb 2017Closed
ViewDudley Council: We Don’t Need Aesthetics, We Need Functionality130 Sep 2015Closed
ViewStop the Cuts to Services for Children with Special Needs87128 Feb 2015Closed
ViewSave Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council's badgers from culling.7819 Jun 2014Closed
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