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CMIS Organisation Structure


2015 Onwards

Appeals Committee

This Committee considers and determines any appeals where a right of appeal to Councillors exists under any of the Council's policies or procedures.

Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee make recommendations to the full Council on the appointment of the Chief Executive and deals with the selection, appointment and terms and conditions of Directors of the Council.

Audit and Standards Committee

This Committee deals with the overview of external and internal audit reports and recommendations. It also deals with matters relating to financial management, internal control systems and the promotion and maintenance of high standards of conduct within the Council.


The Cabinet comprises the Leader and Cabinet Members each with a defined portfolio (or areas of responsibility). Collectively, the Cabinet makes decisions affecting local services and makes recommendations to the full Council on the overall policy direction.

Community Forums

The Community Forums are a way in which local people can play a part in important issues affecting their area. Forums are held in local venues and are open to all residents


The full Council comprises all 72 elected members. It has responsibility for approving the overall policy framework including the budget. It retains responsibility for certain functions, however, most of it's powers and duties are delegated to the Cabinet or committees operating within the decision-making structure set out in the Constitution. The full Council also has a key role in holding the Cabinet to account. You can view recordings of full Council meetings on the You Tube Channel via the Council Website

Development Control Committee

The Development Control Committee deals with matters relating to town and country planning and development control, including the determination of planning applications and Tree Preservation Orders

Dudley Borough Local Access Forum

The Local Access Forum is a statutory body, set up under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000), which is responsible for advising the Council on the improvement of public access to land in the Dudley Borough for the purpose of open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area. Membership of the Forum is made up of land users, land owners and other parties with an interest in open-air recreation in Dudley. This is a very wide function and members of the public are invited to raise issues with the Forum should they wish.

Dudley Health and Wellbeing Board

This Board has been formed to recognise that the Council has a key role to encourage coherent commissioning strategies across the NHS, social care, public health and other partners. The Board deals with the responsibilities of the Local Authority and the GP Consortia for the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment. It is also involved in developing a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Dudley Schools Forum

The Dudley Schools Forum is a partnership body linking the Local Authority and the school community in making decisions about school funding and roles and responsibilities. It is a statutory consultative body established by the Education Act 2002, and comprises stakeholders of the school community, including head teachers and governors or their nominated representatives

Ernest Stevens Trusts Management Committee

This Committee undertakes the Council's responsibilities as the Trustee concerning the administration of the Stevens Park Trust (Quarry Bank); Mary Stevens Park Trust (Norton); Stevens Park and Recreation Ground Foundation Trust, Wollescote and Mary Stevens Maternity Home and Public Park Charity. The Committee comprises one member from each of the six wards as appointed by the Council.

Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee

This Committee fulfils overview and scrutiny functions (including statutory functions) relating to the improvement of local health and adult social care including associated services, as a contribution to the Council’s community leadership role. The Committee also undertakes scrutiny functions in line with the Annual Scrutiny Programme. This involves scrutiny investigations/inquiries and contributing to policy development by scrutinising matters falling within the functions of Council Directorates, Cabinet Members and other providers relating to Health and Adult Social Care.

Licensing and Safety Committee

The Licensing and Safety Committee is responsible for a range of licensing matters arising from the Council's powers and duties under various legal provisions and regulations. Some of the Committees powers are delegated to Sub-Committees.

Overview and Scrutiny Management Board

The role of the Board is to oversee and co-ordinate the Council’s overview and scrutiny functions. The Board approves and monitors the Annual Scrutiny Programme and co-ordinates the work of the various Scrutiny Committees

Place Scrutiny Committee

This Committee undertakes scrutiny functions in line with the Annual Scrutiny Programme. The Committee undertakes scrutiny investigations/inquiries and contributes to policy development by scrutinising matters falling within the functions of Council Directorates and Cabinet Members relating to Places Directorate.

Taxis Committee

The Taxis Committee discharges the Council's functions relating to hackney carriage and private hire licensing

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